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Message from the President

Since our establishment as an IP law firm in 1970, we at Kyosei International Patent Office have been providing individuals and a variety of companies and other organizations with professional services to protect and enhance their intellectual property rights.

Kyosei's guiding principle is "Growing together with our clients." Accordingly, in consultation with each individual client, we formulate and implement strategies for protecting and promoting each client's intellectual property interests, thereby creating new values for our clients.

We have clients not only in Japan but in many different countries around the world. However, foreign individuals and companies can encounter unexpected problems regarding their intellectual property rights in Japan, not only because of legal considerations unique to Japan, but also due to Japanese business customs, which sometimes differ from those in other countries.

We are committed to providing our foreign clients with solutions best suited to meet their needs, based on knowledge and expertise we have accumulated from our long and wide-ranging experience in the Japanese legal system and in serving overseas individuals, companies, and law firms. We are thereby able to aid our clients in overcoming any problems that they might encounter while advancing their intellectual property rights in Japan.

Our ability to serve foreign clients in Japan and to help Japanese clients meet their needs overseas is enhanced by personnel who have competency in a wide variety of languages, including Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, and other Asian languages, as well as English, French, German, and other Western languages.

If you will be in Tokyo, please inform us in advance and visit our office if you can.

Hideaki Sato


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