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Kyosei International Patent Office--Intellectual Property Attorneys


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Our Servises
We offer services that most benefit and protect your intellectual property assets.
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Filing Applications in Japan Searches and their importance
- Patent and Utility Models
- Trademarks
- Designs
- Copyrights
- Prior-Art Searches
- Invalidation Searches
- IP-Infringement Searches
We search not only domestic resources but also overseas resources so as to obtain and provide all information necessary in each case.
Other Legal Services Other Services
- Expert Legal Opinions
- Analyzing and Preparing Agreements
- IP-Infringement Litigation
We will propose the measures most suitable to fully safeguard your intellectual assets and to enable you to best utilize them.

Translation and Interpretation
* Patent Specifications
* Contracts
* Other Technical Documents
Consulting Services
* In-Company Training for Clients
* Lectures and Informational Presentations


Kyosei International Patent Office
Toyama Bldg.
8-14 Akasaka 3-chome
Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-0052

Tel: +81-3-3585-8092
Fax: +81-3-3588-0310 & +81-3-3586-0644


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